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A long time lover of all things Baseball, especially the Yankees. Also, a full fledged socially awesome, comic book reading, movie watching, highly opinionated but never duplicated nerd!

One last rant on the Yankees, baseball, and everything in between

For my swan song, I thought I’d leave the site just like I entered it

NYY News: The Last Dump

Gary Sanchez is amazing and you need to know that; Sir Didi Gregorius is recovering well; Giancarlo Stanton hits a dinger during his rehab; Delta is doing the Yankees no favors

Finding players like Gio Urshela is what the Yankees do best

Urshela is just another example that Brian Cashman’s Yankees will be fine


Gio Urshela is staying at third base; patchwork Yankees are getting the job done; CC Sabathia details his post retirement plans; Giancarlo Stanton and the NYC lifestyle

NYY News: The needle tears a hole

Stanton gets cortisone shot; Green sent down to RailRiders; Dellin Betances and free agency; Vlad Jr. to be called up on Friday

The Yankees and Red Sox both hope the rivalry can turn their seasons around

The Yankees are bad. The Red Sox are somehow worse. The rivalry is back. Yay

NYY News: We’ll CC you on Saturday

Sabathia will return on Saturday; Andujar takes first step towards hopefully avoiding surgery; Sanchez gets night off from behind the plate; the Yankees are valued at $4.6 billion.

“Who could have possibly seen this coming?” said no Yankees fan ever

Tulowitzki is on the 10-day DL and here I am, glaring at Hal and Hank like the petty Yankees fan I promised to be

NYY News: Something important happens today but I can’t quite put my finger on it

Yankees ready for 2019’s Quest for 28; Aaron Judge says winning the division is the main goal; Troy Tulowitzki has waited a long time for today; Sir Didi Gregorius is still the world’s best human

Other ridiculous things the Yankees can try to avoid sign-stealing

The Yankees recently tried MLB’s new smart watch system to avoid sign-stealing. Let’s look at some other silly things they could try.