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Aaron Hicks as starting left fielder is fine, for now

Aaron Hicks is much maligned for his poor production since 2019, but at this point, giving him one more chance is beneficial on a number of levels for the 2023 Yankees.

Most Surprising NYY Seasons: 1984 Don Mattingly

After a little more than a half season as a reserve, Don Mattingly finally became a regular in 1984 and provided one magical summer race for the batting title.

Passing Through Pinstripes: Steve Kemp

The signing of Steve Kemp in 1983 was the correct move, but it didn’t work out. Some external factors played into this short Yankees tenure flaring out.

Passing Through Pinstripes: Steve Sax

During one of the darkest times in franchise history, the reliable Steve Sax was not only productive, but easy to root for, even at the cost of Willie Randolph.

Passing Through Pinstripes: Bob Shirley

Bob Shirley’s 1985 season was the best of his career, yet it almost didn’t happen because of Billy Martin.

Passing Through Pinstripes: Don Slaught and Billy’s final season

Don Slaught played just two seasons for the Yankees. Despite the short tenure, he is forever linked with Billy Martin’s last turn as Yankees manager.

Passing Through Pinstripes: Jesse Barfield

Jesse Barfield was an above-average player who was in pinstripes at the wrong time to fully be appreciated.

Passing Through Pinstripes: Ron Hassey

Hassey was with the Yankees for less than a year and a half, but his time featured good production and bizarre moments that only the ‘80s Yankees could provide.

Summers with Scooter and White

Children of the ‘80s grew up during a magical time when Phil Rizzuto and Bill White connected us to this game and team we love so much.

On Josh Donaldson and being average

Josh Donaldson’s 2022 was a disappointment, but that doesn’t mean his contributions will be detrimental in 2023.