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What is the most likely outcome of this offseason?

Brian Cashman could lead the Yankees’ lineup in one of many directions.

Why I’m not expecting much from Hal Steinbrenner

The owner recently agreed to a proposal which could lower the CBT threshold.

Reviewing the introduction of WAR into MLB collective bargaining talks

Negotiations seem to be headed in the wrong direction as the CBA inches toward expiry.

What type of contract should we expect for Aaron Judge?

Judge will enter free agency after the 2022 season, unless the team can come to an agreement with their superstar.

Reviewing MLBPA’s second offer to the owners

The union is determined to keep competition in the labor market.

Revisiting the history of Yankee farewell tours

Many versions of Yankee farewell tours have had ups and downs.

Reviewing early-stage CBA talks between MLB and the MLBPA

The two sides seem to be far apart in negotiations.

Looking back to the slugging catchers of the 1994 Yankees

These three catchers combined for 47 homers in the ‘94 season.

What can the Yankees learn from the Astros and Braves’ rosters?

The two World Series teams have complete, balanced rosters.

Who will be the next homegrown ace reliever for the Yankees?

These three pitchers all have what it takes to deliver out of the pen.