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The Yankees should be worried about infield defense

The Yankees’ infield defense is a blemish that is in dire need of concealer.

Sonny Gray might be effective out of the Yankees’ bullpen

The bullpen might be the best place for Sonny Gray right now.

Yankees potential trade target: Jose Abreu

Jose Abreu is an interesting potential upgrade, however unlikely it seems.

What would the opener look like for the Yankees?

The opener might be where pitching strategy is heading. How could the Yankees employ this tactic using their current staff?

Which Yankees should be bunting against the shift?

Greg Bird isn’t the only Yankee who should be bunting for a hit.

How much will J.A. Happ help the Yankees?

Happ is a perfect candidate to help the Yankees achieve their 2018 goals.

Aaron Hicks just keeps getting better for the Yankees

The new and improved Aaron Hicks is here to stay.

Which Yankees are poised for an improved second half?

Some players have been unlucky, and some just plain bad. Who is most likely to break out?

Didi Gregorius is finally a complete hitter

Didi Gregorius has improved again in 2018, and it’s not all because of him.

Domingo German might have a ground-ball problem

Domingo German is giving up lots of good contact. is this a fixable?