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Casey Peterson is a Pinstripe Alley contributor currently residing on Long Island. While he is very serious about being a Yankees fan, he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

On appreciating the daily experience of being a fan

Trying to stay in the day-to-day mindset amongst the lofty expectations of winning championships can be difficult for fans.

Cole, Nestor, Mahomes, Purdy, and the ties that bind

Both high-end talent and the underdog can shine on the biggest stage.

Introducing the American League Sophomore of the Year Award

What if there was a trophy awarded to the best second-year player in the MLB?

An iconic baseball film and the clothes that defined it

How the clothing of "The Sandlot" influenced the film and a generation of kids.

When “Don Mattingly, 3B” fueled a wild comeback in 1986

Faced with injuries and a playoff race, Lou Piniella deployed a unique strategy to spark a rally for the Yankees.

Top 100 Yankees: #23 Lefty Gomez

A full life lived — from world traveler to World Series Champion.

It is time for a Yankees mascot

The failure of the first Yankees mascot should not deter the organization from creating another.

How our perspectives of baseball evolve as we grow up

When the innocence of the game is stripped away, it leaves room for our emotions to dictate how we view baseball and its players.

On family baseball memories and appreciating every game

A random ticket purchase led to my family witnessing the start of an All-Star career.

The Yankees’ Championship window is now

The Yankees’ best chance to win is 2024, and if they don’t there will be consequences.