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Yankees 2013 Roster Report Card: David Adams

The Yankees disappointing season has come to an end. We'll start our series grading every player with David Adams. What grade did Adams earn in his time this season?

Was 2013 his only shot in the majors?
Was 2013 his only shot in the majors?
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For the first part of the offseason the Pinstriped Bible staff will be grading 35 of the Yankees' main contributors to the 2013 roster. Their entire season will be taken into account, even if part of it came at the minor league level. We start this series with David Adams.

Grade: D

2013 Statistics:.190/.250/.274, .237 wOBA, 2 home runs in 149 plate appearances

2014 Contract status: Controlled by Yankees, pre-arbitration

David Adams was part of the parade of third baseman the Yankees tried after injuries to Kevin Youkilis prevented him from providing any meaningful contributions. Adams was called up from Triple-A in May and made his first start on May 15th. He had experience playing second and third base in the minors, but his route to playing time this year for the Yankees came at third with Robinson Cano manning second base.

Adams, 26, had shown patience and doubles power throughout the minors, consistently posting on-base percentages above .350. The jump to the majors proved to be a difficult one for Adams. The patience Adams showed throughout his time in the minors evaporated with the Yankees. Whether it was due to pitchers challenging him more in the strike zone or simply better competition, it took more than a month of regular playing time before Adams drew his first walk.

The more aggressive approach did not yield positive results at the plate. He struck out in 27.5% of his plate appearances and ended up with a dreadful .190 batting average with little power. When Alex Rodriguez returned from the disabled list, Adams was sent back down to Scranton/Wilkes Barre. He was recalled briefly for a stint in late July and again in early August. When rosters expanded on September 1, Adams again returned to New York. With the Yankees contending for the wild card, playing time was scarce, and he did not receive a start until after the Yankees were eliminated from contention.

Not much was expected of Adams, but he still managed to disappoint. Given more time and the opportunity to make adjustments at the major league level, Adams likely would have played better. Unfortunately for Adams, he performed poorly when given his first shot in the big leagues and may not get another one. He did provide a solid glove at third base, although his bat does not profile well there. At 27 next year, Adams may have one more shot at proving he deserves a roster spot. His ceiling is likely major league utility bench player and will have the opportunity to earn that job next spring.

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