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Eduardo Nunez is the worst fielder in baseball and you can't stop watching

You can't stop watching!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We all know why you're here. You see the title, you already know the point, but you've now slowed the car down just enough so you can take a peek at the hideous car accident up ahead. Is there blood? Oh yes there's blood.

In 590.1 innings at shortstop, Eduardo Nunez has a -41.2 UZR/150, and that makes him the worst fielder in baseball. It's not until you lower the minimum number of innings to 200 do you find someone, Pedro Ciriaco, who is worse than him, but the larger sample size wins out. He's the worst shortstop in the league, and despite only playing elsewhere for a handful of innings, he's the sixth worst second baseman and a poorly rated third baseman as well.

His -17.1 Range Runs Saved would have been dead last in the league if it wasn't for Miguel Cabrera's -17.4 in around twice the playing time. Nunez essentially has the range of Miguel Cabrera trying to pretend he's a third baseman. According to Jeff Passan's article on random baseball facts, Nunez might actually be one of the worst shortstops since defensive metrics first came into existence. Only Michael Young (obvs), Orlando Cabrera, and Hanley Ramirez have had worse defensive seasons at shortstop than Nunez has had this season. He also gets to fewer balls than Yuniesky Betancourt. YUNIESKY BETANCOURT.

At one point it was believed that Eduardo Nunez held some kind of key to the future, and that given enough playing time he'd eventually figure it out. This season he was merely asked to fill in for Derek Jeter, not replace him, but Nunez actually managed to be worse, Jeter's -46.0 this season notwithstanding. This is the bottom for Eduardo Nunez. He can't hit, he can't field, and despite missing a good portion of the year, this is the most playing time he's ever gotten in one season. This is a car wreck and you just can't stop looking.

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