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Yankees Player of the Week: July 1 - July 8

Who was the Yankees' best player over the course of the last week? Vote.

Chris McGrath

The Yankees had a very solid week over the last seven days, sweeping the Twins and winning a series against the Orioles. These are the players who helped them get there, and you can decide which one played the part of team MVP over that stretch.

Vernon Wells:

Wells lost his every day spot in the outfield to Zoilo Almonte, but performed very well in his role as part-time player and pinch hitter over the course of the last week with six hits in fifteen at-bats, four RBI, and only one strikeout. He helped secure a walk-off victory for the Yankees against the Orioles and hit .400/.400/.467 on the week.

Ichiro Suzuki:

Suzuki was unquestionably one of the Yankees' hottest hitters over the last week with a .909 OPS in seven games. Ichiro recorded four extra base hits and drove in four runs this past week and worked a walk. He did strike out five times in 26 at-bats, but his .346/.370/.538 line over the last seven days is impressive.

Robinson Cano:

No one was hotter in the series against the Twins than Cano, who finished the week with a home run, seven RBI, and a .304/.433/.478 line. That on-base percentage is largely thanks to the fact that other managers are walking Cano to face the far weaker bats currently in the Yankee lineup, but he has worked a few of those on his own and that's comforting to see.

Hiroki Kuroda:

Kuroda's impressive performance against the Orioles was wasted after a blown save by Mariano Rivera on Sunday afternoon. In seven shutout innings, Kuroda allowed only three hits and a .125 batting average against him to a team full of offensive fire power.

David Robertson:

In four innings of work over the last week, Robertson has allowed only one hit and struck out four batters and issued no walks. That's the kind of thing people want to see from the man who is presumably going to take over the closer role next season. Opponents batted only .083 against D-Rob this last week to go along with his shiny 0.25 WHIP. It probably won't be enough to get him to the All-Star game, but he's having a fine season.

Ivan Nova:

What Nova did against the Orioles was nothing short of amazing. Nine innings against that team, allowing only three hits and two runs from a guy who had been in the minors to deal with his struggles is very impressive. The eleven strikeouts on top of that make the whole deal even sweeter. If that's anything like the Nova the Yankees will get going forward, the back end of the rotation might be in decent shape after all.

Who do you think was the Yankees' MVP over the last week? Vote below.