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Yankees second half splits

What can we expect from the best players in the second half?

He might be even more awesome in the second half.
He might be even more awesome in the second half.
Mike Ehrmann

Mark Teixeira has instilled in Yankees fans' minds that the concept of a "second-half player" is a very real thing. Some players just heat up with the weather and continue their good play until the leaves change. And conversely, some just spring out of the gate and falter late. Let's see which category some of the prominent current Yankees fall into.

Robinson Cano

1st Half career: .299 AVG .346 OBP .487 SLG .833 OPS 119 wRC+

2nd Half career: .320 AVG .364 OBP .529 SLG .894 OPS 135 wRC+

So this is definitely a good sign for the Yankees. As much as Robinson Cano has been carrying this offense in the first half, it looks like he can shoulder even more responsibility after the break. And he just may have to, if Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez come back limited.

Brett Gardner

1st Half Career: .279 AVG .357 OBP .402 SLG .759 OPS 107 wRC+

2nd Half Career: .244 AVG .341 OBP .336 SLG .677 OPS 88 wRC+

This is notably less encouraging. Maybe speedy guys just tire out sooner. He should follow Cano's lead and take it easy.

CC Sabathia

1st Half career: 7.37 K/9 2.57 BB/9 1.23 WHIP 3.63 ERA

2nd Half career: 8.17 K/9 2.44 BB/9 1.19 WHIP 3.26 ERA

There have been numerous comments around the site regarding CC being a better second half pitcher, and the numbers support that. Considering he spent the first half of 2013 working his way back from offseason elbow surgery, it's all the more likely that he should have another good second half. He can start by cutting down on the home runs.

Hiroki Kuroda

1st Half career: 6.45 K/9 2.33 BB/9 1.21 WHIP 3.40 ERA

2nd Half career: 7.08 K/9 1.70 BB/9 1.11 WHIP 3.23 ERA

Like Cano, there's not a whole lot more that can be expected from Kuroda after his brilliant first half performance, but hopefully the numbers are a sign that he can at least perform near the high bar he has set for himself this year.

These four players have been the most important to the team thus far in 2013 (if you go by their fWAR), and the team will need them to be as valuable, if not more so, in the second half.The returning players are total unknowns and the Yankees have ground to make up if they are to reach the postseason. Excellent second halves are not optional gentlemen!

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