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Yankees offensive struggles: shortstops and third basemen take the year off

Those Rodriguez and Jeter guys sure left quite the hole.

Reid we hardly knew ye.
Reid we hardly knew ye.
Victor Decolongon

We've all noticed how awful this Yankees offense is. But like in school, some just barely pass while others get expelled due to their awfulness. Anyone who has played third base or shortstop for the Yankees this year are most deserving of being expelled from hitting forever. Here are those esteemed fellows who have graced the hot corner and/or The Captain's Chair the most in 2013:

Jayson Nix

As a 3B: 91 PA .280 AVG .344 OBP .649 OPS 82 wRC+

As a SS: 143 PA .232 AVG .298 OBP .602 OPS 62 wRC+

He's a guy that can play all over for you, and hit poorly at each spot.

Kevin Youkilis

As a 3B: 88 PA .266 AVG .341 OBP .759 OPS 106 wRC+

Hey, that guy was kind of okay. Whatever happened to him?

David Adams

As a 3B: 84 PA .203 AVG .241 OBP .557 OPS 48 wRC+

His walk rate was 11.5% at Triple-A. It's 2.1% in the majors.

Eduardo Nunez

As a SS: 95 PA .200 AVG .290 OBP .565 OPS 56 wRC+

Looks like we weren't better off without Derek Jeter after all!

Reid "Masher" Brignac

As a 3B: 19 PA .313 AVG .389 OBP .764 OPS 91 wRC+

As a SS: 51 PA .122 AVG .157 OBP .300 OPS -27 wRC+


Chris Nelson and Alberto Gonzalez also contributed 46 PA to this mess, but I figured I'd keep the list to the five primary culprits. Plus, I was tired at looking at all their crummy stats. So as bad as other parts of the offense have been, such as first base and DH, it's third base and shortstop that truly distinguish themselves.

Also noteworthy, the left side of the infield has managed to contribute a grand total of five home runs in 75 games. Alex Rodriguez alone managed 13 in 81 at third in 2012.

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