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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 2/7/24

Basking in the glow of an NRI-filled Tuesday. Or something.

New York Yankees v Washington Nationals Exhibition Photo by Diamond Images via Getty Images

Yesterday was at least a mildly interesting day in Yankeeland, as the team formally announced the 26 players who would be coming to spring training as non-roster invitees. This is not terribly interesting, but a fun fact about me is that I cut my teeth on this sort of minutiae in one of my very first posts at Pinstripe Alley, a dozen years ago. So I have kind of a soft spot for it. Anyway, I didn’t go as detailed as I did back then, but I did a quick rundown of the 2024 NRIs if you want the basics on each dude.

Alternatively, you can read the 2012 edition to just remember some guys and also imagine me staring at a bunch of books and choosing to write that instead of working on my senior thesis. The power is yours!

It’s a quick day on the site today unless the Yankees have more news for us. Andrés will preview Nestor Cortes’ 2024 campaign, and Peter will begin a four-part miniseries from PSA on the honorable mentions who narrowly missed making the Top 100 Yankees (beginning with the Deadball Era).


1. Which 2024 NRI has the best shot at making the Yankees?

2. With Clayton Kershaw returning to the Dodgers, how many starts do you think he’ll actually make this year once he gets back from his shoulder surgery rehab?