Top 100 Yankees - Ask Me Anything!

So today we wrapped up a three-month exercise with our final post in the Top 100 series. The series has stirred a lot of debate and featured some of the best writing this site has - including what I think is my finest article on the site, my entry on #15, Thurman Munson.

I thought I'd take this time to hold an AMA for questions about my process in ranking, writing, who I wanted to sign up for, what I know about different writing processes among the staff, my hateration of Joe DiMaggio, anything like that. Feel free to peruse my ranking HERE.

Couple rules:

We'll start at 7 and end whenever I feel like it.

I have a life - if I don't answer you right away it's because I'm doing something.

You can ask me anything, that doesn't mean I'll respond to everything. Interesting, thought-provoking questions will get more attention, "Why is Berra at five and not six!" will not.

These are my rankings, we had 14 staff writers submit rankings and I don't know how many community members that all were brought into the final ranking.

Let's make this fun!

Ask me anything :)

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