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Yankees Social Media Spotlight: Soon.

The Yankees enjoy their last few days without baseball.

Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees

It’s Sunday once again, and you know what that means — it’s time for our weekly social media roundup! Welcome to February! Pitchers and catchers report in just ten days, and the first spring training games will be underway in just a few short weeks. How are our favorite Yankees spending their last few days of freedom before the long marathon begins? Let’s get started!

The King of New York

The captain this week provided us all with the content we have been waiting all winter for: a portrait of his loyal pup, Gus Judge.

Boone Takes in a Rivalry

This is a late addition, but there was a somewhat-surprising guest at the latest UNC/Duke college basketball clash. Yankees skipper Aaron Boone was in attendance at the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill to watch the Tar Heels prevail, 93-84. Hopefully, he took notes on a home team winning a key rivalry game.

Nestor and the Fox

Hanging out in a nice warm climate — I’m guessing somewhere near Tampa — Nestor Cortes and Anthony Volpe took a day this week to hit the local golf course. Although injuries prevented the two from spending a lot of time on the active roster together this past year, it’s nice to see the former Yankee draft picks hanging out.

Championship Dreaming

Earlier this week, Juan Soto posted a picture on his Instagram story of him holding the World Series trophy from 2019, when he led the Nationals to a title as a 20-year-old sophomore. Soon after, he shared a video of him working out to get ready for the 2024 campaign. Here’s hoping it ends with an updated version of that same picture.

Nasty Nestor’s New Glove

Moving back to Cortes. Since returning to the Yankees in 2021 while sporting his now-famous mustache, Nasty Nestor has been known for his style on the mound, both in terms of his funky delivery and for the gear he takes the mound with. Now, as he gets ready to report spring training, we get our first look at the customized glove he will at least open the season with, with “Nasty Nestor” stitched into the side.

A Yankees Alum visits his Alma Mater

Generally, we tend to focus on either current Yankees or retired players in this space, but it’s always fun to see players return to their alma maters, especially when said alma mater is not exactly known for its sports. Former Yankee (and current Met) outfielder Harrison Bader visited Horace Mann this past Thursday. Just a quick ride away from Yankee Stadium, Bader attended middle and high school there.

He posted this picture on his Instagram story to announce that he was back at his old school. According to my research, this building is the cafeteria — perhaps he was hoping for some cafeteria lunch, for old time’s sake?

The Truck is Loaded

The equipment trucks are locked and loaded, and have left the Bronx on a southward trajectory. “Truck Day” around Major League Baseball mostly just consists of teams posting photos like the one below, but it’s progress.