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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 2/2/24

Waking up to a dramatic shift in the AL East.

2024 BBWAA Dinner
The pitching king of the AL has a new contender for his throne.
Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

If you missed the news that broke last night, the Orioles took inspiration from their new ownership to make a big move and get what the team desperately needed to take the next step forward in the AL power rankings — an ace. They made a deal with Milwaukee and got Corbin Burnes for a pair of their top 10 organizational prospects (guys hovering right around Top 100 overall status, but the O’s system is good for it). They also threw in a compensational round pick in next year’s draft, the rare exception to the rule against trading draft picks. Overall, it was never going to be a massive haul because Burnes is a free-agent-to-be, but the overall consensus is the O’s made out well in this.

What are the Yankees doing in the meantime, you ask? Well, still nothing of late, but they maaay be looking around for some depth signings, which is where our first two writers for the day focused on. Our own Noah looks into Noah Syndergaard’s case after an up-and-down couple of years bouncing around the league and John argues that the team could still use a versatile left-handed bat to complete the bench. Kevin gets the first crack at our inner sanctum of the Top 100 Yankees with our fifth-best Yankee of all-time. Finally, Esteban and Estevão examine some ZiPS projections, with the former going over the Bombers and the latter looking within the division with the Blue Jays to start.


1. How good do you expect Corbin Burnes to be for the Orioles?

2. What’s your list of top five pitchers in the AL East as things stand for next year?