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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/7/24

Hopefully a restful Sunday awaits after a snowy Saturday.

Soriano throws the ball Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

January 7th marks Alfonso Soriano’s 48th birthday. John wrote an excellent piece on him back in November as part of our Top 100 Yankees series, but just on a personal note, I’ve always had a soft spot for Sori. It’s kind of funny in retrospect because when he was ascendant, he was a slugging second baseman who couldn’t field and I was (at least I think) a competent second baseman who couldn’t hit a lick. My strikeouts put his to shame. But it was so fun to watch him motor around the bases and mash bombs with swagger. Hell, it was fun having him back for a little bit in 2013, too. It made that year a tad more enjoyable anyway.

Happy birthday, Sori!

Today on the site, Noah is on double-barrel action with our two history series as he recounts the Yankees’ trade past with the Cardinals and unsung ‘60s/’70s outfielder Roy White’s stellar career. Later on, John will have the social media roundup.


1. Did you get any snow yesterday? If so, how much?

2. Are you buckling in for some final-week action in the NFL today? If so, what are you rooting for?