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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/4/24

The ol’ one-four-two-four?

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles Photo by: Diamond Images/Getty Images

If you read today’s date in the format above, it goes “1-4-2-4,” which sounds like a weirdo double play that I’d love to see. I’m imagining a pickoff play where the pitcher throws to second to try to nab the runner, and the guy on third darts home. So the second baseman (covering rather than the shortstop here) immediately throws home for the out and the catcher throws down to get the runner who went too far rounding second. Beautiful!

Yes, I’m bored. It’s January.

Today on the site, John will continue our Trade Partner History series with a team that the Yankees — perhaps unsurprisingly — haven’t traded with since before 2017: the Houston Astros. Next, Esteban will discuss the importance of the Yankees’ talented low-minors prospects to the future, Peter will go back to the ‘50s for a somewhat-forgotten Top 100 Yankee, and Malachi will close us out by considering the futures of Clay Holmes and Jonathan Loáisiga.


1. What is your take on retiring the numbers of managers?

2. What was the first TV show you watched in 2024?