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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/29/24

Monday’s got more than some morning quarterbacks (but it also has those).

MLB: MAY 18 Yankees at Royals Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The football world dominated the headlines in their penultimate week of the season, and at the end of it all we have a Kansas City Chiefs versus San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl ... again. The reaction to this rematch from five years ago has understandably gotten a lot more negative since Patrick Mahomes has turned the Chiefs into the new version of the Brady Patriots while the 49ers have been right on the cusp of the big game ever since, but it was a thrilling set of conference championships to get us to here. If you were following along, you got to see history in the making (to the chagrin of poor Lions fans).

Back over in the baseball world, it’s a light day after a weekend with little to report on. Matt has our next edition of the Top 100 with Bill Dickey laying claim to the No. 9 spot, but I want to give a special shoutout to Malachi as he’ll have his final article with us on the trade history between the Yankees and the White Sox. It’s been a pleasure to have Malachi on the staff and to get to work with his writing, and I want to extend our best wishes as he pursues the next step in his career. We’ll miss ya around here Malachi, don’t be a stranger!


1. Is Chiefs-49ers Part II going to be an interesting Super Bowl? Will you tune in for it in two weeks, or did you want the Ravens or Lions in it instead?

2. The NFL is the only other major sports league that hasn’t seen a repeat champion in a while alongside MLB. If the Chiefs pull it off, what do you think about MLB standing alone in this regard?