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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/27/24

Hall of Fame standards under consideration; MLB Pipeline’s top 100; Cole loves the lineup; two paths in the relief market

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images | Mike Petriello: One of the downstream effects of starters throwing fewer innings these days is almost nobody playing today will hit some of the former benchmark Hall of Fame numbers. There’s a real possibility that we never see a 300-game winner again — active leader Justin Verlander will be 41 with 257 wins when the season starts — and innings totals won’t stand up to Bob Gibson or even the likes of Mike Mussina. What, then, do we look for in a Hall of Fame starter? Gerrit Cole is on the cusp of the generational change, but after he hangs them up baseball will either need a new standard, or never induct a starter ever again. MLB Pipeline’s top 100 prospect list came out last night, with a quartet of Yankee youngsters getting nods. Jasson Domínguez tops the group at 41, while Spencer Jones, Rodrick Arias, and Chase Hampton also find themselves among the best prospects in the sport. While the system may not have much in the way of eye popping talent yet, the speed with which some of these players have climbed should be good news for the club in 2024. | Jimmy Hascup: With just a few weeks to go before we see something resembling Yankee baseball, it’s time to get excited about the possibilities in the top of the lineup. Gerrit Cole himself is feeling no jealousy of opposing pitchers, noting that over the course of a three or four game set, teams are going to run out of tricks when facing the likes of Juan Soto and Aaron Judge back to back.

New York Post | Jon Heyman: As of Thursday night, the Yankees were still engaged on a pair of relief pitchers, Wandy Peralta and Héctor Neris. Neither pitcher — both likely looking for their one big payoff — has received a particularly high offer from the Yanks, perhaps because of our next story ...

MLB Trade Rumors | Anthony Franco: New York is also reportedly interested in Ryan Brasier and Phil Maton. Neither reliever should command the contract that Neris will, but Brasier’s resurgence with the Dodgers last year may end up netting him a two-year deal. Maton features one of the game’s best curveballs, but a fastball-focused team like the Yankees may balk at his 89-mph heater.

Update to the morning news:

Neris is off the board.