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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/22/24

Cashman confident on a rebound by Rizzo; Yankees are, to this point, the only team to make Snell an offer; experts tab Orioles as AL East favorites

MLB: SEP 22 Diamondbacks at Yankees Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

MLB Trade Rumors | Nick Deeds: There was a marked difference between pre-injury and post-injury Anthony Rizzo in 2023. The post-concussion syndrome he suffered after colliding with Fernando Tatis Jr. at first base on May 28th left him with some scary neurological symptoms and really affected his performance (.304/.376/.505 line before; .172/.271/.225 line after).

His reaction times were significantly slower and he just didn’t feel right. However, general manager Brian Cashman painted a much more optimistic picture over the weekend. He said the first baseman is cleared for full baseball activities and that “doctors are not worried about symptoms of post-concussion syndrome returning in 2024”, but he did warn that brain injuries are “tricky.” | Mark Feinsand: The Yankees reportedly offered Blake Snell a six-year, $150 million deal this month, but pivoted to Marcus Stroman when the reigning NL Cy Young rejected that proposal. It remains, according to Feinsand, the only formal one he has received to this point.

This doesn’t mean the Yanks are more likely to sign him than yesterday — big moves in the rotation at this point are unlikely. Facts are facts, though, and the Yankees being the only squad offering Snell a contract to this point is a fact. There are plenty of interested teams, though, and the Yankees certainly aren’t favorites. Could the market eventually shift in their favor? Will they make a move if that’s the case? Time will tell.

NJ Advance Media | Randy Miller, Max Goodman, and Bob Klapisch: The NJ beat writers sat down for a roundtable and discussed the landscape in the AL East. Two of them, Goodman and Klapisch, tabbed the Baltimore Orioles as favorites. Miller, however, is more confident that the Yankees can win the division. He acknowledged there are big question marks in New York but pointed out to the O’s not having a true ace.