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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/19/24

Here’s your Friday check-in.

New York Yankees v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

It was a quiet Thursday, as we chug along through the dog days of the winter. After inking Marcus Stroman to a short-term deal, the team has stood pat while the rest of the market continues to slowly develop. Their options aren’t totally off the board, but it’s clear that they’re not pressing hard to make something happen anymore — if the prices fall, they’ll call.

Today starts off with Peter looking back at the meager history the Yankees have trading with the Rays (and having some fun with the relative non-existence of any major deals). Afterwards, Andrés honors Hiroki Kuroda’s induction to the Japanese Hall of Fame with a look back at his Yankees tenure, Malachi chronicles Willie Randolph’s career for our Top 100, and Esteban shares his thoughts on the offseason rankings and how the Yankees’ prospects are performing relative to them.


1. Which Yankees prospect do you think will have the best season down in the minors this year?

2. Do you expect a bigger bounce back from Carlos Rodón or Nestor Cortes?