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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/17/24

Rolling into a chilly Wednesday.

MLB: New York Yankees at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure I’m repeating myself at this point — it’s hard to write about anything on the internet for over a decade and not do so — but when it’s so chilly outside, Opening Day just seems so damn far away. Math, at least, is in our favor because we are over the halfway point between the last game of the Rangers/Diamondbacks World Series and Opening Day 2024. So hooray for math there! It’s literally cold comfort at the moment, I suppose.

Speaking of math, we can finally reveal something that we’ve known for a little while. Regular PSA readers might have noticed that Alex Eisert stopped writing articles for us near the end of November. The reason? He’s joining the Blue Jays:

We have already told Alex this in private, but we want to congratulate him once again. He absolutely deserved a shot at contributing to a major-league team. It’s too bad that it’s with a division rival, but we wish him the best regardless! Alex is both smart and a great dude, and we’re sure that he’ll crush it up north.

Today on the site, Noah will continue our Trade History series with a look back at some memorable transactions between the Yankees and the current World Series champions, the Texas Rangers (still a little weird to type that since they’d been title-less for over half a century). Next, Sam will consider the recently-rumored reliever Hector Neris as a potential free agent target, and Peter will remember an outstanding ‘70s player as the 21st-best Yankee in franchise history. Barring any moves, Andrés will close us out by musing on an easily-forgotten reliever in the New York bullpen.


1. Which Yankees prospect will have a better MLB career: Jasson Domínguez or Spencer Jones?

2. Who is your Super Bowl pick among the remaining eight teams?