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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/12/24

The Stro Show is coming back to New York in 2024.

New York Mets v New York Yankees - Game One Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Well, I can’t say that the start of the offseason, I thought that Marcus Stroman would be wearing a Yankees uniform in 2024. To be clear, I was in the camp that was a little skeptical of the Yankees actually signing Yoshinobu Yamamoto, so it’s not as though I thought he would be the reason they’d pass on Stro. I just didn’t think there was any chance because of his complicated history with the Yankees’ front office (and his propensity to be Too Online). There were plenty of other alternatives to Yamamoto who New York could pivot to if they didn’t land him.

Well, Marcus Stroman is a Yankee! So... so much for that theory. As Peter discussed last night, he’s not a super-exciting pickup, but he offers more likely support for Gerrit Cole in the rotation than anyone else currently in pinstripes and the floor had to be raised. There’s no time like the present.

Look for some more Stroman reaction pieces today, including one from Malachi and a poll from John. Elsewhere, Matt will break down the Yankees’ trade history with the Mariners, Kevin will pull a Top 100 Yankee from the 2009 championship team, Sam will check in on how former Yankees are trending on the Hall of Fame ballot, and Madison will answer your mailbag questions.


1. Were you surprised by the Marcus Stroman addition?

2. Your one-word reaction to Bill Belichick being gone from New England.