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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/11/24

Checking into another Thursday.

Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

We’re rolling along in our cozy and quiet January days, now nearly halfway through the month, and aside from some starting pitcher rumors there’s not much that has changed about the Yankees’ offseason plans. Yesterday was a bigger deal for football, with some iconic coaches in Pete Carroll and Nick Saban retiring — our condolences to any Seattle-based fans who may have went to college in Tuscaloosa.

Jumping back to baseball, our offseason series continue full-steam: first we have Malachi covering the Yankees’ trade history with the Diamondbacks, and later Matt recounts Charlie Keller’s career for our Top 100. In-between them, Andrés argues that Luis Gil has an underrated chance at cracking the starting rotation, and then later on Esteban attempts to identify the Yankees’ next homegrown relief ace ahead of 2024.


1. Who is the next player that you think will collect 3,000 career hits?

2. What about other major milestones, like 500-600 home runs?