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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 9/25/23

Welcome to the equivalent of senior skip day, but for a week.

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Yankees Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

To the surprise of no-one who has watched this team since June, the Yankees are officially not making the postseason. They were mathematically eliminated on Sunday, meaning for the first time since 2016 we have a quiet sendoff to the season with no drama building from the on-field results. Instead the drama will be saved for the offseason moves, but before we get there we’ve got to get through one more week of meaningless games. Expect to see less of the stars as they preserve the core for 2024, which is a shame for those of you who got rescheduled to today’s game thanks to Saturday’s rainout (and RIP to the Judge 62 bobbleheads).

While the actual team prepares to pull some of the regulars, we’ve still got our lineup going strong. Andrew continues the Rivalry Roundup, now dedicated to just seeing out who gets in and who misses the cut with the Yankees on the outside, and Jake has the latest 1998 Diary episode. Andrés has a double-feature, first popping in to give the latest Reacts results with your input and then discussing Oswaldo Cabrera’s struggles with the heater. Estevão discusses how the team failed to take advantage of the looser basestealing rules thanks to their bottom of the barrel speed, and finally I’ll be back after the game to open up this week’s mailbag.

Today’s Matchup:

New York Yankees vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Time: 1:05 p.m. EDT

TV: YES Network, Arizona Diamondbacks streaming

Radio: WFAN 660/101.9 FM, 1280 WADO

Venue: Yankee Stadium


1. How much will the stars get to play in this final week?

2. Any interest in watching these remaining games, are you fully transitioned to weekly NFL season viewing, or are you checking out until offseason rumors start swirling?