Hal Cashman and Boone

Yankee fans get ready for years of abysmal seasons with these three headed morons running the show.

An owner that does not care about his fan base and fails to be decisive when it is necessary for him to show leadership.

Cashman, a GM who thinks he is smarter than everyone in baseball yet no rings in 14 years. The architect of an abysmal minor leagues, bad trades and bad use of overrated analytics.

Boone the front man stooge for the disconnected owner and an inept GM. It will be forever before we sniff a championship and right now this team does not look like a playoff team for years.

Let’s look at this roster.

LeMahieu decides to hit now when it means nothing.

Judge will miss 50 games a year and in a few years will look like Stanton.

Stanton is washed up with that ugly stance and swing

Volpe with his idiotic upper cut swing will hit 200 every year if he does not change his approach. Swing level and have better shot to hit for contact. All year watching that horrible swing was nauseating.

Gleyber needs to go. Too many bonehead plays and errors. He is more a negative then a positive.

Oswaldo Peraza does not look like he has a clue hitting.

Oswaldo Cabrera is a utility guy who can’t hit a lick

Florinal is a 4a player…easy to get out in the majors. Our player development did him a disservice

Wells needs to work on his catching. Leg down is not traditional catching position and limits his mobility.

Rizzo who knows where he will be mentally next year.

Our pitching is not so bad but we have no real closer and our bullpen has shown it’s true colors the second half.

We are a hopeless and directionless franchise. I wouldn’t mind if they got rid of everybody and start all over because keeping this team mostly as is will only lead to the same result.

Hal sell the team take Cashman and Boone with you. This season is who they will be for a long time with the three of you involved.

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