Montas and next year's pitching

Cole has been rock solid but after him it seems like a lot of question marks- will Nestor still be Nasty (and healthy), how good really are Schmitt and King as starters, and German is a huge question, even if he's back with the team, which is I find doubtful, he's inconsistent. Vasquez and Brito show promise but I don't think they're ready and might be better used in the pen, which could also use some improvement.

So, should the Yankees offer Montas a contract? I'd say yes, if it's low base salary with plenty of performance incentives, and one year with an option.

Who else will be available as a free agent or trade? I'd rather not trade as we really need to improve the hitting and may need to trade for a bat.

So who/what is the best way to go?

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