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VOTE: Will Giancarlo Stanton reach 500 homers?

Can Big G stay healthy enough to punch his ticket to one of baseball’s most prestigious clubs?

Milwaukee Brewers v New York Yankees
Giancarlo Stanton blasted No. 401 on Sunday.
Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images

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No matter how you might feel about Giancarlo Stanton in his current state with the Yankees, he has been the embodiment of pure power in MLB since the beginning of his career. He just recently hit the 400 career home run mark, and the next milestone is 500, which only 28 players in all of MLB’s rich history have reached.

But how much confidence is there that Stanton will be able to get there before he calls it a career? Fans can make their voices heard on the topic here:

At 401 total home runs over his career thus far and with 18 games left in the season, Stanton has a chance to make a little bit more of a dent in the chase for 500. He may be able to reach 30 home runs for the third season in a row if things go well, which would make a big difference at least confidence-wise since he has only played 90 games to this point.

It might be hard to believe for some that haven’t paid as much attention since Stanton left the Miami Marlins, but he’s only 33 years old. Nonetheless, the concern with him, as it has been almost his entire career, is injuries. We know the kind of power he possesses when he’s healthy, but it’s hard to predict whether or not his health will be able to hold up given his build and what is required of any athlete in today’s game of baseball.

If Stanton is able to remain healthy (and his muscles don’t magically shrink), it feels as if there’s a good chance that he can reach the 500-mark, and it would feel deserved considering he’s a player with a rare kind of long ball power. Still, his health is a huge issue that needs to continue to be addressed.