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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 8/30/23

Donaldson is gone for good; Bader placed on waivers; Belli Bombs in the Bronx?; Montas’ return is dead

Chicago Cubs v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Yahoo Sports | Chris Cwik: Josh Donaldson is officially gone for good, as they released him yesterday. He was nearing a rehab assignment in his bid to return from the 60-day IL, but the Yankees wanted him to be able to join another team in time to maintain postseason eligibility since he’d be playing behind youngsters here.

Functionally, this doesn’t make too much of a difference for the 2023 season. Emotionally, however, it marks the end of a one of the most disappointing relationships in team history, as the trade for him will go down as an all-time bust.

NY Daily News | Gary Phillips: On a similar, but more disappointing note, the Yankees have placed Harrison Bader on waivers. I personally expected Bader to be an impact player this year, but he has not been able to overcome his injuries and get back into an offensive groove. Perhaps a team will claim him and help him finish his contract year on a positive note, but the Yankees have given up on that and would rather have the ~$1M financial savings.

Sports Illustrated | Brad Wakai: The question was asked a lot around the Trade Deadline and now it’s being offered up again with free agency looming: Do you think Cody Bellinger is a fit in the Bronx? His approach certainly is, but that is contingent on the Yankees’ buying into this new version of Bellinger. This of course would mean that Jasson Domínguez slides to left, Everson Pereira becomes expendable, and Bader does not return. That’s a lot of ifs. | Randy Miller: Do you remember Frankie Montas? I sort of do, but those thoughts are of him in a bright green uniform. There were hopes when he got his shoulder surgery that a return in August or September as a bullpen piece was possible. But after a setback in his rehab, it’s unlikely that he makes an appearance at all this season; Boone confirmed as much prior to Monday’s game in Detroit. Between Montas and Lou Trivino, that trade is one of the Yankees’ most abysmal in franchise history.