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Around the Empire: Yankees News (8/24/24)

The short term future is bleak; the youth movement is here; Cashman takes some accountability; 30 year anniversary of The Sandlot

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Washington Nationals v New York Yankees Photo by New York Yankees/Getty Images

FanGraphs | Dan Szmyborski: It’s difficult to see the Yankees’ path to the top of the division next season. In theory, most of the hitters could hit their higher percentile outcomes, but there is growing evidence that some of the players on the team are simply aging. Between the weak free agent market and a farm system without much top end talent outside of Jasson Domínguez, it’s going to be a tall task for the team to be a championship contender next season.

The Athletic | Chris Kirschner: On a similar note, in order for the team to have a better idea of what to do next season, it’s crucial they have a better understanding of their upper minor leagues prosects like Oswald Peraza and Everson Pereira. Left field, center field, and third base are obvious holes in the near future. Peraza and Pereira are two potential solutions, and they need extended playing time.

The Athletic | Rustin Dodd and C. Trent Rosecrans: Raise your hand if seeing this post made you feel old! The Sandlot is one of personal favorite baseball movies, and is perhaps the first I ever watched. It gets plenty of attention, but this piece from Rosecrans and Dodd was particularly well written and properly nostalgic. | Betelhem Ashame: Every Yankees fans should watch as much of Brian Cashman’s press conference as they can. As I watched it, I felt extremely conflicted. While he certainly took some accountability for the situation, he delivered a similar stale tone that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. Ashane did a nice job summarizing some of the most pertinent comments from the presser.