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Podument Park Ep. 20: Pereira, Peraza, and a 2013 Yankees Game

The pod banters about prospect promotions and plays a game about the 2013 Yankees because why the hell not?

Houston Astros v New York Yankees

For a few weeks now, readers of this site and listeners of this podcast have read/heard us talking about how much the Yankees flat-out stink. Well, the Bronx Bombers “losers of eight in a row” have shown us that even we undersold how bad they truly are. With that, we had no desire to actually talk in detail about the 2023 Yankees (beyond recent prospect promotions), so we chose to avoid them as much as possible.

We hopped in the time machine and traveled a decade down memory lane to 2013. Today’s podcast focused on Remembering Some Guys. Andrew named players from the 2013 squad and Kunj had to guess how many games they played for the Yankees that year (the nearly-always voiceless Zoom recorder we call “Suit Lady” was his foe in this exercise). We also added in a bonus element of trying to guess whether the particular player had positive or negative Baseball Reference WAR.

Prior to the game, the promotions of Oswald Peraza and Everson Pereira were briefly discussed. Along with Anthony Volpe and I suppose Gerrit Cole’s Cy Young bid, they’re the only real reasons to watch this team going forward! So tune in for that anyway.

Once the 2013 game concluded, there was an abbreviated check-in for the WAR leaderboard of the 2023 Yankees before handing out default and unenthusiastic Yankee and Manfred of the Week awards. Join us to remember the second-half fun brought by Alfonso Soriano, but stay to remember unquestioned Yankees legends Chris Bootcheck and Brennan Boesch.

You can listen to the show at the link here or on any of your preferred podcast apps. We’re on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, PlayerFM, and iHeartRadio.