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Ask Pinstripe Alley: Yankees mailbag questions request

The Trade Deadline will come and go this week, so which Yankees questions are on your mind?

Ask Pinstripe Alley

The Yankees have run out of time to figure out what their direction is going to be — by the time this article is posted they may have already started making trades, and they only have until tomorrow to wheel and deal. Of course, their best options for buying have already gone off the market, whether that’s Cody Bellinger, Juan Soto, and Blake Snell all seemingly staying put or Randal Grichuk, Lucas Giolito, and David Robertson getting traded to their competitors. That begs the question of whether they will bother making minor moves, or if they’ll finally sell for the first time since 2016, but we’ll know that answer by the time this mailbag reconvenes.

Instead, now is a time to reflect on the season so far and the moves that they eventually decide on. The team hasn’t made any positive progression for the past two months, and even though Aaron Judge is back and looks as good as ever even without being at 100 percent, he’s not going to play everyday. The Yankees’ brass wants to make sure their superstar makes it through the rest of the year, and at this rate it’s hard to blame them. Is there a viable way to retool for next year and play some of the younger prospects? Is there anything to be done with the players who have been slumping for most of the year? Will their choices work out for this year, or at least make it more bearable to watch? If you’ve got questions like this, or any other concerns, be sure to send them in for a chance to be featured in our Yankees mailbag.

Answers will run on Friday afternoon. All questions received by the night of August 3rd will be considered. You can leave your submissions in the comment section below or by e-mail to pinstripealleyblog [at] gmail [dot] com.