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Podument Park Ep. 17: First Man Down

We have the first victim of the Yankees’ offensive woes in 2023: hitting coach Dillon Lawson.

MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Whether you think the first half of the baseball season is the 81-game mark or the All-Star break, the first half of the baseball season is officially in the books. And was it ever so...dull and disappointing for the Yankees? Scattered among the lifeless and uncompetitive at-bats of the first half were some moments of fun and competence, but overall this first half was just not a memorable one for the Bombers.

The struggles of the offense were so profound, it led to Brian Cashman making his first mid-season coaching change by relieving hitting coach Dillon Lawson of his duties. On today’s podcast, we discuss how it’s never good to see someone lose their job, a change was needed just to see if a different mindset can get some of these guys going.

While Lawson was the main topic, we also discussed Carlos Rodón making his much-awaited Yankee debut, the MLB Draft officially being underway and the Yankees making their first-round pick, and then provide the weekly injury updates. After that we wrap of the podcast with our usual check-in of Baseball Reference’s WAR leaderboard, and then hand out our Yankees and Manfreds of the Week.

Best of luck to Dillon Lawson in his future, and even better luck wished to Sean Casey, who will be tasked with making DJ LeMahieu look like a machine again. (As a programming note, Casey’s hire was revealed followed the podcast recording.)

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