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Yankees 2023 draft pick results tracker and social media guide

Keep track of the Yankees’ entire 2023 draft class here.

MLB Draft presented by Nike Photo by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Yankees’ first half might have been a fourth-place drip, but some welcome distractions await fans over the All-Star break. The first came on Sunday night with the beginning of the 2023 Major League Baseball amateur draft. The 30 teams gathered in Seattle to run through the first couple rounds before taking a pause and resuming on Monday with Round 3 and Tuesday with Rounds 11-20 at 2pm ET on The Yankees made Miami high school shortstop George Lombard Jr. their top draft pick and the 26th selection overall.

To help conveniently track all of the Yankees’ draft picks — from the selection process to any known eventual signing news — I’ve assembled this tracker that will be regularly updated throughout July. The players’ names are linked to the Pinstripe Alley stories about their draft selections. If available, I’ve also included their Twitter handles if you have any interest in following them.

Draft pick signing news can be a slow process and team assignments might be even fuzzier, but we’ll do our best to keep you posted. Players have until 5:00 PM ET on July 25th to sign unless they’re college seniors who have already used up their years of eligibility. As always, give us a shout in the comments section of this post if you see any news that needs to be added.

2023 MLB Draft tracker

Round Pos. Player School DOB Twitter Slot Value Status/Bonus
Round Pos. Player School DOB Twitter Slot Value Status/Bonus
1 (26) SS George Lombard Jr. Gulliver Prep (Miami, FL) 6/2/05 @georgelombardjr $3,065,000 $3,300,000
3 (97) LHP Kyle Carr Palomar (JC) 5/6/02 @Kyle_I_Carr $692,000 $692,000
4 (129) 2B Roc Riggio Oklahoma State 6/11/02 @rocriggio $506,800 Signed
6 (192) RHP Cade Smith Mississippi State 4/9/02 @csmit122 $285,400 $282,900
7 (222) 1B Kiko Romero Arizona 9/18/00 @KikoRomero_2 $224,700 $197,500
8 (252) RHP Nicholas Judice Louisiana-Monroe 4/28/01 @nicholas_judice $188,000 $185,500
9 (282) OF Jared Wegner Arkansas 7/25/99 @jrodwegner $173,100 $72,500
10 (312) RHP Brian Hendry Oklahoma State 10/11/99 @brian_hendry4 $164,400 $47,500
11 (342) RHP Josh Grosz East Carolina 9/5/02 @joshgrosz2 N/A $150,000
12 (372) LHP Brady Rose Dallas Baptist 10/26/00 @thebradyrose11 N/A $150,000
13 (402) 3B/RHP Josh Tiedemann Hamilton HS (Chandler, AZ) 6/9/04 N/A N/A $150,000
14 (432) RHP Danny Flatt Jr. P27 Academy (Lexington, SC) 6/6/04 N/A N/A $150,000
15 (462) C Tomas Frick North Carolina 10/11/00 @TomasFrick N/A $150,000
16 (492) RHP Andrew Landry Southeastern Louisiana 2/20/02 @Andolando10 N/A $150,000
17 (522) OF Wilson Rodriguez Academia Presbiteriana HS (Carolina, PR) 9/10/04 N/A N/A Signed
18 (552) 3B Coby Morales Washington 12/5/01 @Coby_Morales_ N/A $150,000
19 (582) RHP Cade Austin South Carolina 9/28/01 @_CadeAustin N/A $150,000
20 (612) RHP Bryce Warrecker Cal Poly 9/13/01 @warrecker N/A $150,000

Note 1: Teams are allotted $150,000 per pick for each selection from Rounds 11-20. This doesn’t count toward their total bonus pool, though they are permitted to use any leftover bonus funds to increase their offers beyond $150,000 to these players. Unlike in previous years, there is no $20,000 maximum amount for non-drafted free agents (NDFAs), though bonus money must be used if the signing cost goes over $150,000.

Post-draft updates

7/13: We have our first signees! Baseball America’s Carlos Collazo reports that seventh-rounder Kiko Romero came to terms on a $197,500 under-slot deal and ninth-rounder Jared Wegner will get $72,500 (also under-slot, as a senior sign).

7/15: Per Collazo, sixth-rounder Cade Smith has signed a deal that is ever-so-slightly below slot at $282,900.

7/17 (1):’s Jim Callis is reporting that 12th-rounder Brady Rose is signing for $150,000, right in line with the maximum that can be spent in Round 11 and beyond without counting against the bonus.

7/17 (2): Bonuses have not yet been announced, but the Yankees themselves revealed that first-rounder George Lombard Jr. and third-rounder Kyle Carr have signed. Check out the photos!

7/17 (3): Callis has reported that Lombard will get $3.3 million, or $235K over slot.

7/17 (4): Let’s go rapid-fire through some social media updates given personally by prospects! Eighth-rounder Nicholas Judice, 13th-rounder Josh Tiedemann (the two-way prep player), 14th-rounder Danny Flatt Jr., and 18th-rounder Coby Morales all posted pictures on their Instagrams of them in uniform signing contracts. We’re also listing 10th-rounder Brian Hendry, 11th-rounder Josh Grosz, and 19th-rounder Cade Austin as “Signed?” because while they haven’t posted such photos, they do identify as players with the Yankees organization in their social media profile bios. Check back for any specific signing info.

7/18: Baseball America has updated its signing tracker with bonuses for Judice, Hendry, Grosz, Rose, Tiedemann, Flatt, and Austin, which are all under-slot or the standard $150K for post-Round 10 signees. It also has the news of the Yankees coming to terms with 15th-rounder Tomas Frick, the catcher out of UNC.

7/18 (2): Courtesy of’s Bryan Hoch, the Yankees put out a press release saying that 17 of their 18 draftees, so add 16th-rounder Andrew Landry, 17th-rounder Wilson Rodriguez, and 20th-rounder Bryce Warrecker to the confirmed crew. Only fourth-rounder Roc Riggio is unsigned; they still certainly have time to change that. Terms of the remaining deals have not yet been disclosed.

7/18 (3): Just before midnight, Callis reported that Carr will receive exactly slot value for the third-round selection: $692,000.

7/19: The Baseball America signing tracker now has Landry, Austin, and Warrecker’s $150K bonuses. The only news we’re still waiting on are Rodriguez’s bonus and whether or not Riggio signs.

7/24: The last domino has fallen! Riggio announced on his Twitter that he had signed. Shortly thereafter, Callis reported that it was for a $693K bonus, or about $186K over slot.