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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 6/26/23

One last June offday after a surprising series win.

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees
It’s good to see Oswaldo smiling again.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

I try to generally be an optimistic fan. Sure, I’ll jump in gallows humor as much anyone—remember, I was on the regular blog beat for the often-monotonous 2013-16 Yankees. But even if I think the Yankees are making some questionable decisions, I’ll attempt to find some reason to think that it will work out. Still, I didn’t actually think that the Yankees would win this series with Texas. They were a little lucky to eke out the 1-0 win on Saturday, and after a few innings, seemed ready to roll over at the hands of Nathan Eovaldi yesterday. They didn’t! Good for them. They’re going into the road trip on a positive note, and that’s all you can ask for right now.

We’re taking the opportunity of the offday for a breather of our own today on the site with a semi-reduced schedule. But there will be coverage! I’ll write up the Rivalry Roundup, Esteban will break down some adjustments that Anthony Volpe has made recently (you don’t want to ever miss Esteban’s hitting analysis), and John will do our daily check-in with the 1998 Yankees. Later on, Kunj and I will have the latest edition of Podument Park, and Madison will ask for your mailbag questions.

Today’s Matchup:



1. At what point yesterday did you realize that the Yankees might actually win that series?

2. Who is your favorite defensive infielder in Yankees history?