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Podument Park Ep. 8: Your Last-Place Yankees

Another week has gone by with even more Yankees frustrations, and they remain entrenched in last place. Joy.

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

If you squint and try real hard, there were some positive takeaways from the last week of Yankees baseball. Since the last episode, the team technically went over .500, they won a series, and they got Harrison Bader back in the lineup. Yet, it’s still not a fun time to be a Yankees fan.

As we discuss on the latest episode of Podument Park, what should’ve been a series-clinching win over the Rays at Tropicana Field turning into a Gerrit Cole meltdown and some questionable late-game decision-making (a recurring theme) put a damper on the week as a whole, even if it was marginally better than last week.

Hopefully, a series against the Oakland Athletics is just what this team needs before facing the Rays again, but this time in the Bronx. This is all discussed in addition to the jolt of energy that Bader brought in his first week back in action, the imminent return of captain Aaron Judge, and the possible roster implications of his return. As always, the show ends with a look at Baseball Reference’s WAR leaderboard for the Yankees, before the Yankee and Manfred of the Week recipients are announced. Spoiler alert: More frustration was directed at Yankees management. You can’t say that it’s not earned!

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