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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 5/4/23

It’s a day to rest as the Yankees take a breather today before 17 games in 17 days.

New York Yankees starting pitcher Gerrit Cole sits in team’s dugout at spring training in Tampa Photo by J. Conrad Williams Jr./Newsday RM via Getty Images


I just...

I want to say that I can’t believe how stupid last night got at Yankee Stadium, but I suppose we should just accept it in 2023, right? An infielder playing the outfield hurt the Yankees center fielder who only just returned from injury, and a Yankees pinch-runner the very next half-inning—Oswald Peraza—needed a pinch-runner of his own when he rolled his ankle on a stolen base attempt. This is to say nothing of the highly questionable decision-making that led to Clay Holmes entering to mess up the game in the ninth anyway.

Thank Mo the Yankees won the game anyway but good gravy was it tumultuous getting there. It seems like Bader will be OK but Peraza ... well, we’ll see if we see yet another Franchy Cordero return because of it. I’m scared. At least it’s an offday today.

Today is also a bit of a lighter day for us on the site unless the Yankees have a surprise bombardment of news. (Please no more injuries. Begging.) Josh will run through the Rivalry Roundup, Alex will explore Clay Holmes’ sinker in his This Week in Statcast feature, and since the 1998 Yankees were also off on May 4th, we’ll mosey right along to Josh returning to discuss the Yankees’ “Josh Hader Problem” revolving around Michael King and the closer position.

Today’s Matchup:



1. More questionable decision: Starting Isiah Kiner-Falefa in left field or bringing the struggling Clay Holmes into last night’s tie game in the ninth?

2. Whose early disastrous play in 2023 has been more surprising, the White Sox or Cardinals?