The same old same old from some fans and THIS will happen

It never fails every single year. You can bet the house on it. There are already calls for it and columns on here in FanPosts by "so-called Yankee fans".

The Cashman has to go crap from some members of the whiney segment of Yankee fans that I like to call crybaby nation. It’s so predictable and so hilarious…but in reality it’s a weak argument by even weaker people. Let it go already. He’s not going anywhere. These people are a very small part of the Yankee fandom of great fans…but they are annoying as fck and the reason people hate the REAL fans of the Yankees.

The Yankees could win the World Series 6 years in a row…and you can be guaranteed Cashman would get zero credit and when they don’t win 7 in a row, oh boy, he has to go.

Every year…same lame, weak crap. The one person that should go is Boone but that’s a whole other argument.

Enough of that nonsense…let’s talk about what will happen..because aside from Luke Voit, when a Yankee is let go he does better elsewhere for a bit.

Aaron Hicks…one of the worst players they got since Carl, I’m Broken, Pavano is now with the Orioles. He will still suck but will play better for them than that he did for the Yanks and mark this now…he will homer against the Yanks when they meet. Just watch.

The irony of what i just typed is that both Pavbreakable and Hicks were Cashman picks.

I will end this article with this.

Cashman does make mistakes..see above…but remember Bader and Carpenter…, but it is up to the players to deliver on why they were acquired and that is where the overall blame lies.

For every bad signing Cashman has made, he has made 2 better ones. For every stud crybaby nation wanted him to sign over the years at money not even theirs but act like it is…and did not sign they still would have not made or won the WS with them.

I say the next major trade the Yankees make should involve a package deal that includes Boone and some of these "so-called" fans.

Probably couldn’t get a bag of balls and rosin for the lot but it’s worth a try, I’m game.

This team has a ton of character..and come September, led by Judge, they will-be in first. Will they win a W.S this year? Way to early to tell. The one guaranteed WE KNOW for a fact is that no matter how well Rodon pitches when he returns…no matter if they win a W.S..crybaby nation members will want Cashman gone because it’s a weak, easy argument for them.

Go deserve some better fans than those people.

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