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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/27/23

Harrison Bader’s defensive brilliance; Aaron Boone’s fire; Are any Yankees on a Hall of Fame track; Trouble in Milwaukee?; Giancarlo Stanton may be on his way back

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Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees Photo by New York Yankees/Getty Images

FanGraphs | Esteban Rivera: Me, playing checkers when describing Harrison Bader’s defense: “He’s really good. Seems to get to everything. Really good for my mental health.” Our own Esteban Rivera, playing chess when describing Darth Bader roaming the center field galaxy at Yankee Stadium: this article for FanGraphs. Analysis, video, everything. Take a second to really look at that Outfield OAA leaderboard. All hail Harrison Bader.

Yahoo | Andy Martino: I freely admit I was one of those who for years thought Boone was too passive, especially after the 400th time I saw that ankle-high pitch called a strike on Judge. But he’s certainly put those thoughts to rest. And it looks like his steadfast support of his players has earned him the gratitude of the clubhouse, though the men in blue probably don’t like Boone much these days. You hate to see it.

The Athletic | Jayson Stark: Stark takes a look around baseball to see who’s in, and who’s on the way in, to the Hall of Fame. A couple of Yankees make his third tier, for those who have a viable route in. I’ll give you two guesses who they are, and those better be Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole. For the former, Stark wonders: “what if he has three or four more 50-homer seasons in him? Will Hall voters even care if he stalls out at, say, 465 home runs? I’ll guess no on that!”

As for Cole: “through his age-32 season, only one other pitcher in history had as many strikeouts (2,000), as good a winning percentage (.655), as good a WHIP (1.10) and a strikeout rate even remotely in the range of what Cole has now (10.5 per nine innings)? That pitcher: Pedro Martinez.”

CBS Sports | Matt Snyder: I did not have the Brewers on my “fix your ballpark or else” bingo card. But it looks like Rob Manfred is planning to use his bully pulpit to try to force renovations at American Family Field, with relocation lurking as the ultimate threat. Snyder’s guess, however, that this is a leverage ploy to help Brewer ownership get some taxpayer funds for the renovations seems to pass the smell test. | Randy Miller: Giancarlo Stanton is not immediately headed out for a rehab assignment, but Aaron Boone is hopeful the big slugger will do so early next week. If he does, Miller speculates, Yankee fans might want to circle the first week of June, after the club returns from its upcoming West Coast swing. Stanton could return to the Yankees then, or shortly thereafter.

Lastly, the Yankees optioned Friday night starter Randy Vásquez after the game. Even if he had outright dominated, they probably would’ve done so to get a fresh relief arm on the roster.