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Yankees Social Media Spotlight: Deivi García’s (Brief) Return

Deivi García’s short-but-triumphant return to the Bronx is among the many pieces of this week’s busy social media roundup.

Oakland Athletics v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

It’s Sunday once again, and you know what that means — it’s time for our weekly social media roundup! This has been a hectic week for the Bronx Bombers, who began the week with a heartwrenching loss to the Tampa Bay Rays at the Trop last Sunday and ended it with a pair of come-from-behind victories against the Rays in the Bronx this weekend. Let’s see what the players have been up to this week.

The Return of Nestor’s Cleat Game

Ever since returning to the Yankees during the 2021 season, Nestor Cortes has been known for two things: silencing hitters and that glorious mustache. After not showcasing new cleats the past two weeks, the lefty drew upon his upper lip — and the current crop of movies — for inspiration with a sleek Super Mario Bros. pair.

Nestor Cortes has one flaw, and it’s basketball related

A big story this past week has been the playoff series between the New York Knicks and Miami Heat, as they battled for a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals. Unfortunately, Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart, and Julius Randle fell short against Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry, and although the season was a definitive success for the Knicks — it was their first time advancing to the second round in over a decade — the ending still stung.

Nestor Cortes, however, was thrilled, and he eagerly looks forward to what he hopes will be the team’s fourth title this century. Well, nobody’s perfect.

Andrés Chaparro tours NYC

Yankees prospect Andrés Chaparro may play for the RailRiders in Scranton, but that didn’t stop him from popping up to New York City for a visit when he had some time this past week.

Deivi García’s First Save

Once upon a time, Deivi García was a Yankees top prospect, with the team and fans dreaming that he would sit atop the team’s rotations for years. Alas, that has not come to pass, as injuries and ineffectiveness have kept him out of the major leagues since May 2021. This week, however, with the Yankees needing relief arms, García not only got called up, he took the mound and secured the victory, earning a save in the process.

Although his time in the Bronx lasted only a day, it was a major milestone for the young pitcher.

Bowl Cut Bombers

Earlier this spring, a fan posted on Twitter that he would get a bowl cut if Gleyber Torres homered. Well, Torres did just that, and then called the fan out and told him to follow through. Yesterday, the Yankees brought him to the Stadium as a special guest.