Time to fire Boone. Cashman should do it because soon enough fans are going to be clamoring for both Boone and Cashman to be fired. But seriously Boone is incapable of making sound baseball decisions because he is not actually watching the game. He is waiting for the script decided before the game starts to dictate what his moves are. Takes German out early again today with 2outs only to have the next pitch blow the game up. Leaves Cole in too long in his last start and he blows a 6 run lead. Boone is not a leader…he is a puppet and Cashman is pulling all the strings.

Boone should be embarrassed by how bad a manager he is. He gets outmaneuvered by every manager in the AL East. We have to bottom out in last place to effect change…Let’s miss the playoffs for a change and have an empty stadium in September so that that moron of an owner we have in Hal finally understands that the stewards of his team Boone and Cashman are the culprits. One for being the architect and the other for failing to remember that he played this game and it’s not a paint by number sport.

Hal should fire his entire front office and just hire the entire Tampa front office, they know how to evaluate baseball players.

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