Same old story … same old results… never changes year after year

I posted similar comments the last 2 years. Until the Yankees change leadership in the office and dugout they will not win a World Series again. Why?

1. Awful player development , batting averages and lack of minor league fundamentals taught. They are currrently 23rd in MLB team batting average, with a payroll of $250 Million ! Awful team development and a gross waste of capital resources.

2. Cashmans success is ONE Championship in over 30 years The wins in the 90’s were from teams built by Bob Watson and Gene Michael. The Yankees and Cashman lack the skills needed to develop a winner.

3. Aaron Boone is not a smart manager and makes many game losing decisions. Fire him and watch how no team wants him, which is always telling.

4. The Steinbrenners place more value on increasing the net worth of the enterprise than winning World Series. Otherwise, they would get rid of Cash and Boone. George is sorely missed if you are a fan.

I’ve been an ardent fan since 1953- 70 yrs!!! And the organization is no longer built to win championships, from top to bottom. One (1) Championship in 25 years? That’s not a champion, that’s an aberration .


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