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Yankees Social Media Spotlight: Hoppy Easter!

Lots of Nasty Nestor in today’s roundup.

San Francisco Giants v New York Yankees Photo by New York Yankees/Getty Images

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, and Ramadan Mubarak to all those celebrating important religious festivals this week! Since Opening Day was last week, we have another week full of posts celebrating the beginning of the season. Let’s get started!

Nestor Cortes shows off his gear

Back at the start of spring training, Nestor Cortes showed off some cool custom-ordered gear that he planned to don as a member of Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. Sadly, a lower body injury when he reported to camp held him out of the tournament, robbing us of the ability to see it in action outside a few brief clips on social media. Fortunately, Cortes has style, and had another set of custom-made gear made for Opening Day.

The only thing that looked better than this gear was his performance on the mound.

Jhony Brito makes his debut

It’s always exciting to see a rookie make his major league debut. On Opening Day, that was Anthony Volpe, the team’s top prospect. Two days later, starting pitcher Jhony Brito joined him on the big league roster, as he threw five shutout innings to secure the win. Fittingly, the 25-year-old took to Instagram to celebrate.

Sure, he may force us to turn our heads to watch this video (rotate the video 90 degrees, buddy), but hey, he’s a rookie, he gets a pass just this once.

Jimmy Cordero’s Yankees debut

Jimmy Cordero had already made it to The Show, having spent time with the Washington Nationals, Toronto Blue Jays, and Chicago White Sox before undergoing Tommy John surgery. After spending 2022 in Triple-A Scranton, the Yankees added him to the 40-man roster in December, and this past week, he made his long-awaited return to the big leagues in the Bronx. While it’s not a major league debut, it was still an exciting moment for the reliever.

Unfortunately for him, fans can be big jerks, and this post is now being flooded by annoyed fans blaming him for Friday’s loss to the Baltimore Orioles. Sigh.

Opening Day on Mars

Jasson Domínguez had a big spring training in the Bronx, one that made many fans dream that he would make the Yankees roster on Opening Day. That was never realistic, and to the surprise of nobody, he returned to Mars — that is, Somerset, New Jersey — before the end of camp. That being said, the organization’s top outfield prospect doesn’t seem to be letting that get him down, as he seems ready for Double-A Opening Day.

Doing the Nestor

I’ve got to say, the Yankees social media team has been killing it this year. First, they spent the opening days of spring training polling players about their favorite cereals, Mario Kart characters, and the like on their way into the team facilities. Then, they counted down the days until Opening Day with spoofs of the old This Is SportsCenter commercials. And now, in honor of Nestor Cortes’ first start of the season, they asked the players to do their best Nasty Nestor impression.

The results are, as you might expect, absolute gold, with staff ace and team lovable dork Gerrit Cole out-Nestoring Nestor.