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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 4/23/23

Alek Manoah is still yapping at Gerrit Cole; a look at the starts of several Baby Bombers; Volpe, Cabrera, and Peraza are diversifying the lineup; a Q & A with Gerrit Cole

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MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The Score | Josh Goldberg: God bless Alek Manoah. Much like his teammate Vlad Guerrero, Jr., he seemingly cannot keep the Yankees’, specifically Gerrit Cole’s, name out of his mouth. After calling the Yankee ace a cheater in the offseason, the Jays’ starter, when asked about it, stands by his comments. Maybe one day he’ll be able to boast a resume that’s in the same solar system as Cole’s.

The Athletic | Chris Kirschner: The Yankees’ beat writer does a deep dive into the starts of several vaunted New York prospects, including Oswald Peraza, Spencer Jones, The Martian, Trey Sweeney, and more. Kirschner gives a nice, early-season look behind the curtain at some Yankee youngsters and how the organization is trying to develop them.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Sherman looks at how the young guys are making an impact for the Yankees in 2023. Stalwarts including Aaron Judge, Anthony Rizzo, and Giancarlo Stanton identified last year the need for a more well-rounded lineup. And now, Oswaldo Cabrera, Oswald Peraza, and Anthony Volpe are all holding down spots in the order, and are providing more than just brute force, though Volpe smashed an oppo two-run dinger in Saturday’s victory.

New York Post | Steve Serby: Gerrit Cole sat down for a Q & A with the NY Post reporter. Cole talks candidly about a myriad of topics, on- and off-the field. Cole identified his command as one of his keys, and delves into his propensity to surrender the round-tripper in 2022, something he’s avoided thus far this season, including today when he held the powerful Jays lineup scoreless over 5.2 innings.