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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 4/10/23

Deivi García likely to be used in a relief role at MLB level; Yankees’ minor league bullpen depth has impressed so far; Aaron Hicks still faces uncertainty.

New York Yankees’ Deivi Garcia During 2023 Spring Training Photo by Thomas A. Ferrara/Newsday RM via Getty Images

New York Post | Mark W. Sanchez: When Deivi García made his MLB debut in 2020, he burst onto the scene with a run that provided Yankees’ fans excitement for the future. He even made a playoff start, even if that ended up being a bit of a ruse on the team’s part. However since then, he’s struggled both in the majors and minors. Now, the Yankees are set to have him as a multi-inning reliever type role if or when he ever gets recalled back to the bigs. | Max Goodman: García is one of a couple pitchers at the Triple-A level who could play a role out of the bullpen in the majors this season. García, Greg Weissert — who has already played for the Yankees in the bigs — and Matt Krook have all impressed, albeit in a small sample size, at the Triple-A level. | Max Goodman: Much has been made of Aaron Hicks and his, well, lack of role for the Yankees so far this season. He’s only started three games so far this season, but did have a nice day against the Orioles, coming up with a RBI hit on Saturday night. Despite that, there’s still lots of uncertainty about just how much he’ll play and how the Yankees see him.