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New York Yankees @ Atlanta Braves: Carlos Rodón vs. Charlie Morton

The Yankees’ “No. 1A” takes the hill for the first time

New York Yankees Photo Day Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Sunday morning road spring training games aren’t exactly the highlight of someone’s week. Veterans hate them, they often serve as just a reminder that we’re not quite at the point of real baseball, but today’s contest is a little different. After signing a 6 year, $162,000,000 contract over the winter, Carlos Rodón will get his first taste of in-game, albeit exhibition game, action as a Yankee.

Rodón is something of an anomaly among the game’s elite arms. Unlike Gerrit Cole or Aaron Nola or Justin Verlander, who regularly command 3-4 pitches, he’ll feature a fastball and slider around 90 percent of the time. Having both pitches rank among the game’s best tends to help him, but Rodón has spoke this spring about working in additional secondary offerings, so that may be the thing to pay attention to today.

Gerrit Cole made his spring debut on Friday, and now the Yankees’ biggest new acquisition is working for the first time and we also can’t see it unless we’re in market or subscribe to MLB’s streaming platform. Spring training, I guess.

How to watch

Location: CoolToday Park - North Port, FL

First pitch: 1:05 pm ET

TV broadcast: None (

Radio broadcast: WCNN 680/93.7, Braves Radio Network

Online stream:

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