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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 3/20/23

The final Yankees offday of the spring before Opening Day Eve.

New York Yankees Spring Training Opening Day Photo by New York Yankees/Getty Images

Today, the Yankees have their first offday since Tuesday, March 7th. The next time they’ll be off will be next Wednesday, March 29th aka Opening Day Eve. Is this a somewhat arbitrary way of getting excited about the 2023 season approaching. You bet. But I’m embracing it anyway.

Also, while the Yankees are off, I’d encourage you all to check out the WBC semifinal tonight of Mexico vs. Japan in Miami! The former has been a stealth menace in this tournament, but Samurai Japan is just so, so good. My money’s on the team that would be loaded with talent even if Shohei Ohtani wasn’t around, but Randy Arozarena might have some magic left, too. First pitch for that game is at 7pm ET with the winner advancing to the WBC Final against Team USA.

Today on the site, Matt will recap the other WBC semifinal matchup (USA clobbering Cuba), Peter will preview the surprise defending AL Central champion Cleveland Guardians, and John will look into the crystal ball to consider Anthony Rizzo’s 2023. Later on, Madison will put out the weekly mailbag request.

Today’s Matchup:



1. Who do you think will be better in 2023, DJ LeMahieu or Anthony Rizzo?

2. Do you think Mexico has a real chance to beat Japan, or is Team Ohtani just too much?