Non pitching lineup?

Adjustments as needed for ballparks and pitching matchups

March assumes that a taker has been found for IKF by Opening Day

RF - Stanton (then Judge)

CF Judge (then Bader). Rather Judge not in CF but that seems to be the band aid until Bader is back

LF Cabrera


Infield of Rizzo, Torres, Peraza and JD

Trevino at catcher

After trade deadline, assumes a taker has been found for Torres

Judge, Bader, Cabrera unless a LF is acquired at deadline

Rizzo, Volpe, Peraza, and JD (or DJL if a taker has been found for JD). I read that Volpe's arm strength is questionable and Peraza is a better defensive SS anyway.

Trevino at catcher.

Best case scenario Donaldson and Cabrera make deadline deals unnecessary. Stanton plays more OF than in 2022 with no injury. Kids get ample playing time to be ready for postseason.

If Volpe and Peraza play reasonably well, Bader and Stanton stay healthy, Cabrera matches 2022....a team that can compete, because....

Schmidt comes on and plays well, the top four SP do what they are expected to and BP is strong. I am hopeful that Schmidt surprises.

Worst case? Where to start? JD flops, Cabrera come down to earth. Kids struggle. Trevino turns into a D only catcher. Injuries. Pitchers are mediocre.

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