can they?

ok, getting ready for the 2023 season to start. there are a lot more questions for this team then there's probably been for a good 6,7 years. so, with that in mind, can they win another division title, win more than 1 round of playoffs & get to the world series? of course, all that matters more with certain players. so, here goes;

can stanton play at least 125 games? lets face it, the line up looks so much scarier with him in line up. especially if they make a certain deal. if he does play more than 125 games, get around 500 at bats, is 50 home runs out of the question?

can the shortstop position not be too big an issue? of course, if volpe is the 2nd coming, while also becoming a bonafide leadoff hitter, hey, this could go from an issue, to a strength. but, if it's not him, the who? defense shouldnt be much of a problem. offensively though?

can hicks & donaldson have bounce back years? donaldson to me was the biggest disappointing player in years. maybe he was trying too hard? i dont know but, in a word, he sucked, to me. plus, with him there, what do you do with dj? yes, i understand, dj will get plenty of at bats, spelling 1b, 2b & 3b. still, right now, dj is the only 1 that can be steady leadoff man. hicks, i do believe he'll have a bounce back year. he's more than capable of 20 hr's, still has speed, defensively he's still pretty damn good out there. & he's probably 1 of maybe 3 guys that can steal a base. & unless volpe is there, he makes sense batting 9th, as a pre-leadoff man.

can the pitching staff hold it together? i have plenty of faith in starters, especially 1-4. cole, rodon, seve & cortes are among the best in mlb right now, to me. whatever becomes of montas, who knows. if german starts out in rotation, that kind of concerns me. why? it weakens their bullpen even more than it already is. i really hope they bring back britton. you cant go with wandy peralta as only lefty in pen. ok, they brought back kahnle, but from what i understand, the rest are either kids, or who really have not much more than last year to go with. am i totally convinced that holmes is the closer? no, i'm not. hitters & coaches watch plenty of film. did they figure something out on him?

can they stay healthy? this seems to happen almost every year recently. judge, stanton, dj, bader, hicks, pitchers. lets face it, this team lacks depth. start with stanton. i already talked about him. dj is 1 guy they may be able to work around. but they really cant take a significent injury in of, or 1b for that matter. as far as pitching staff, we've been lucky in recent years, always seeming able to up some kid. but i think as far as pitching, they're running low on reinforcements. they've all been basically used last couple of years. & we dont seem to have any starters to brag much about.

so, can they? can they answer these things in a positive way? maybe what i shoud ask is; can they get lucky?

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