real reason for hiring brian sabean?

well, looking in my crystal ball, into the future. of course, the mets are going to go after shohei. but shohei says that he prefers west coast. i really dont see mariners paying that kind of money. maybe letting turner go kind of puts dodgers in loop, but i think they're getting tired of paying other clubs salaries as well. giants? uh, possibly. oh, wait, isnt that where sabean comes from?

ok, what a reach, i hear ya! but, i'm guessing, now that yankees are out of the tax problems, it's time to spend. yes, i know, stanton's still there. so? i'm pretty sure he can play 20, 30 games a year in lf.

plus, where would shohei fit in pitching rotation? side him in 3, 4 spot? i hear he likes having 6 man rotation. well, cole & rodon eat up innings, cortez is pretty much good for 6 innings most times out. seve i believe in even more along those lines. pitching for next year would look pretty damn good, you ask me.

so, while i'm hopeful this year, i'm looking at next year as the year we start off the next dynasty. volpe will be there from the start, our if & of should be pretty much set. maybe even dominguez is up there as well. yes, i'm dreaming, but what if this is 1 of the reasons they brought in sabean, to convince shohei, this is where you want to be. & really, how hard of a choice is it to choose; the mets, or the yankees?

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