2023 Yankee's All Home Grown Team

So I was looking threw old Yankee top 30 prospects list on the Yankee's MLB page. Since the off season is so slow I was just killing time clicking on some of them and started noticing some indeed had played 2022 in the Major so I started making a list.

My ground rules were simple. Must have been drafted or a IFA signing by the Yankee's. Since this is all hypothetical since they only stayed with the Yankee's and never left in trades or FA. Former players still in the league but were not on the top 30 list since 2011 won't be on the list, sorry Robertson that BP could have used you, as well as any prospect the Yankee's aquirred in a trade such as Torres or Frazier.

If there is someone I missed please add them in the comment box.

So here is what I came up with. If they don't have a position or a number they are just a extra that could be subbed in for someone else. I let everyone else decide if this is a playoff caliber team.


C Sanchez

1b Garcia

2b Duran

3b Estrada

SS Peraza

lf Cabrera

rf Judge

cf Florial

dh Andujar



Inf- Smith

util Solak

C Torrens

Util Mateo


Rotation (In no particular order)

1 Severino

2 Montgomery

3 Cortez

4 Kaprielian

5 Contreras



Bullpen (In no particular order)

1 Whitlock

2 Banuelos

3 Schmidt

4 Otto

5 Stephens

6 Widener

7 Kahnle

8 Acevedo



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